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Initial Idea development
It includes a Problem Formulation and Needs Analysis- how pervasive it is. We help you to formulate business and user requirements, determin set of  solutions used to fulfill this requirements, selecti of most compatible and practical combination of solutions. 
We use most advanced methodology developed for this purposes and successfully used by JPL, NASA and others for last 60 years.  See Invention Factory Blueprint eBook

Assistance with Patent and other form of Intellectual Property protection

We cooperate with Intellectual Property attorneys.
We are ready to help you with patent searching
and application preparation for provisional
or regular patent when required.

Engineering design of the product
We will use SolidWorks to prepare a complete design and simulation documentation package, including all necessary illustrations for your patent applications, 3D models and 2D manufacturing drawings. We clarify business and user requirements. Translate requirements into compelling design concepts, and create high-quality visuals in a variety of formats. We advise business on the cost effectiveness as well as practicality of designs. We provide 3D model for prototyping process. If your creation required electronic design then it will be provided by or affiliates.





We based out of Irvine, California, and have good working relations with machine shops in Orange County and Los Angeles. We have been working with them for many years.
When your 3D models or 2D drawings are available, our vendors will provide affordable prototype fabrication. As benefits our customers receive best fabrication quotes prepared in 1-3 days. We negotiate best manufacturing process before fabrication, and act as quality inspection during prototype acceptance.

Our vendors has full prototyping capability.

Production sourcing assistance
Whenever it is suitable, we are ready to help you fined the best domestic and foreign volume fabrication sources.

Assistance with marketing and sale

We affiliate with top notch specialists providing first class service in marketing and sale field
Costeffective advertising for service providers

We are placing a banners wih our vendors advertising on the website and our printing materials

Please visit our store to enquire about our current prices 
We help  you to avoid unnecessary expenses, rising if you prematurely start to patent you idea or develop your contraption .

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